Cleaner Healthier Skin

Whether you are referred by a dermatologist or "self-diagnosed," acne therapy at Med Spa of Virginia Total Wellness Center may offer the long-term, drug free solution you are looking for.

Acne conditions are individually analyzed and approached by taking into consideration the patient's age, ethnicity, family history, medications taken by the client (past and present), and diet, as studies by prominent dermatologists emphasize nutrition and the glycemic index and major factors to consider.

It is important to realize that the treatment of acne is an ongoing process and not a quick, one-time fix. However, clearance and prevention of future out breaks is the common result of a well developed and well followed treatment plan.

If you have tried everything else and don't wish to risk the harmful side-effects of most prescription acne medications, we invite you to come to Med Spa of Virginia Total Wellness Center for a free consultation and skin analysis with our Licensed Estheticians. Learn more about your options when it comes to the treatment of acne, and get started on the path of clearer, healthier skin.

We offer an array of approaches to a great look for you, including laser technology. for more information.  Click Laser