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April Specials

New Yoga classes


We are starting New Yoga classes in April
Mondays at 4:15pm Chair Yoga - Everyone Welcome!
Mondays at 5:30pm Introduction to Yoga - Everyone Welcome!
These are both 10 week programs. Special Price $100!
Call 540.825.8550 or 540.672.2428


Take a class!


Take a Fitness Class!
Turbo Kick Tuesday & Thursday Nights 6pm
Spinning Classes Tuesday & Thursday Nights 7pm
Spinning Class Wednesday Morning 6am
Call 540.825.8550 or 540.672.2428 to reserve your spot!


Beauty Bar Cocktails


New from Skin Fitness Facials: Beauty Bar Cocktails. These peels target specific skin issues.
Introductory Price of $75 for the months of April and May Only!

Wrinkle-Tini : Revive and awaken skin’s youth energy and radiance with a triple de- wrinkling complex of DMAE, peptides and potent blend of cell renewal therapy. This treatment provides an instant semi –permanent firmness.

Mimosa: This peel restores a youthful healthy glow by providing a burst of antioxidant power and fruit enzymes. Drench your skin in30% vitamin C to stimulate collagen and strengthen elasticity. Repairs sun damage and deeply exfoliates.

Aqua Marine Breeze: Indulge dull, lackluster skin in a cell renewing, anti-inflammatory and firming treatment compliments of the rejuvenating wonders of the sea.

Call 540.825.8550 or 540.672.2428 to schedule.


Vichy shower packages


Treat yourself and your parched winter skin to a trip to Central Virginias only Vichy Shower.
For the months of April and May, Med Spa of Virginia Total Wellness Center has 2 Amazing Vichy Shower Packages to choose from:

Herbal Therapy Body Scrub $80. This Ayurvedic oil blend mixed with brown sugar contains natural fatty acids to help feed the skins surface. These nutrients help create greater elasticity, lock in moisture and firm up the surface of the skin, reducing the signs of aging. This full body scrub will then be rinsed away with a 10 minute water massage, soothing your mind and leaving your skin radiant, vibrant and smooth.

Mud and Scrub $120. Choose from either a detoxifying mud wrap or firming mud wrap. Your experience will begin with a full body scrub to remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for the mud application. After your mud has processed you will experience a 10 minute water massage followed by warm oils to finish this amazing experience.
          • Firming Mud Wrap: Active seaweed penetrates skin for the ultimate in purifying, firming and stimulating. Marine extracts offer a wave of minerals, amino acids and trace elements to rehydrate and repair skin, increase circulation and refine skin texture
          • Detoxifying Mud Wrap: Deeply detoxifies as it enriches the skin with potent antioxidants. Crushed Freshwater pearls brighten skin as activated charcoal deep cleans pores and pure ginger stimulates circulation.

Call 540.825.8550 or 540.672.2428 to schedule.

Botox Happy Day


Botox Happy Day
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 from 10am to 6pm
Special Discount Pricing!
Call 540.825.8550 or 540.672.2428 to schedule.