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Pigmentation, Brown Spots

The Lumenis M22 IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment is an alternative to aggressive plastic surgery techniques for treating a wide range of skin conditions, including sun damage, freckles, birthmarks, and benign brown pigmentations.

It is most often performed on the face and neck, but the chest, hands, arms and legs can be treated as well. Laser light is absorbed by pigmented areas where it is converted to heat, causing a breakup in the pigment.

Effects are cumulative and a series of treatments is usually recommended. After the first treatment you will see improvements to some pigmented areas within a few days to two weeks. With each subsequent treatment, subtle changes will accumulate until you have achieved the over-all improvement you desire.

Immediately following the procedure you may experience some redness, swelling and/or a slight darkening of pigmented areas. The redness and swelling usually dissipate within one to three days; however, darkened pigmentation may persist and/or peel lightly for up to a week. Makeup can be applied to the treated area immediately, if necessary.

It is extremely important to apply a moisturizer with SPF30 sun block and avoid sun exposure on a daily basis to prevent additional sun damage.