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Nutrition Classes

Healthy Living Workshop Series

JJ Gormley, Holistic Healthcare Coach

Gently transform to a healthier you.
This series of eight classes meets bi-weekly over sixteen weeks, giving enough time to make TRUE changes for healthier living.

Each class will have a new point of focus: from learning about various diets to glycemic index, calculating your BMI, cleansing and detoxing, vitamins and supplements and much more. J.J. Gormley, MCAM, ERYT, gently guides you on your path to becoming a healthier, stronger more educated YOU!

**Each class includes 1 hour of yoga, a healthy light meal, slide show, and discussion.
Dates: Every other Wednesday - January 13th through April 20th 2016
Times: 5:15pm to 8:15pm

Sign up in advance of January 13, 2016 and get the discounted price of $240!
Bring a friend and each of you will just pay $200
Individual classes are $40 each

Contact Med Spa of VA TWC at 540.825.8550 or 540.672.2428 to sign up.


Healthy Living Workshop Series Topics

January 13th - Class 1 - We’ll learn how to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index), optimal caloric intake and set realistic goals for ourselves for getting healthier over the duration of this course. What diet is the best? We’ll learn about various diets (High Protein (Atkins, Zone, Paleo), High Carb (Ornish), Calorie Restriction, etc.) and the current research on these diets and then begin to clarify for ourselves the best diet for us considering where we are now.

January 27th - Class 2 - The focus this class is about how to get and maintain a healthy gut. We’ll learn about intestinal bacteria, antibiotics, and diets that effect our gut and how to feed the good bacteria for optimum gut health.

February 10th - Class 3 - We’ll learn about antioxidants and free radicals, what are they, what foods are they in and what we need to do to add one and bring in less of the other (more antioxidants and less free radicals).

March 2 (rescheduled from February 24th) - Class 4 - We’ll learn about healthy fats & oils. What are omega 3’s, omega 6’s and even omega 9’s? What are MUFAs (mono-unsaturated fats), PUFAs (poly-unsaturated fats), EFA (essential fatty acids), etc.?

March 9th - Class 5 - Cleansing and Detoxing. We’ll learn how to clean up our diet, perhaps preparing ourselves for a full-on cleanse or even a fast (perhaps not a full-fast, but on our way toward a fast). We’ll have juicing recipes, prepare some in class and set a plan in place to begin to clean up our diet as much as we feel ready.

March 23rd - Class 6 - Sugar’s effects and the glycemic index. There’s so many sugars and sugar substitutes available now, and it can be confusing. Is Stevia really better than agave or honey or the “yellow stuff”?

April 6th - Class 7 - Food Labels. A better understanding of food labels to make your shopping at the grocery store more informed. Do we really need to read the Nutrition Facts Panel (versus what the package says on the front)? We’ll also learn about different USDA grades for meats, dairy and eggs, as well as what fish is the best buy.

April 20th - Class 8 - Ayurveda —You may have heard of Chinese Medicine, but have you heard of Ayurveda, India’s Medicine? Ayurveda, considered yoga’s sister science, deals with keeping the body healthy using foods that suit your particular body-type. Ayurveda’s way to “type” the body is based on the fact that each of us is composed of the elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) in a particular balance that works for us.