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Facial Veins & Redness Correction

Facial veins are dilated capillaries that commonly appear on the surface of the skin in areas around the nose, cheeks and above the neckline. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that are present throughout the body. Prolonged sun exposure, Rosacea, aging, trauma and other factors can cause capillaries to become dilated and visible. There is also a hereditary factor in developing unsightly facial veins. Unfortunately, there are no topical creams that can get rid of them; However, the use of a daily sunscreen may help to prevent their formation.

The only truly non-invasive and "no down-time" treatment for correction of unwanted facial veins, dilated capillaries, cherry angiomas, and/or diffuse facial redness is with the light and energy of a cosmetic laser. At Med Spa of Virginia Total Wellness Center we use the Lumenis M22 IPL laser for quick and easy correction of these vessels.

Unlike many other treatment methods, the Lumenis M22 IPL laser is a comfortable, non-ablative form of skin therapy. This means you will be able to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation.

How does the treatment work?
The IPL module utilizes SapphireCool Light Guides to provide continuous cooling to maximize patient comfort during the procedure.

How many treatments does it take?
The number of treatments depends on the severity of the facial veins, but generally one treatment will give substantial improvement, if not completely clear the condition. Second and third treatments are sometimes necessary for maximum improvement. Treatments are usually spaced 4 weeks apart.

Does the laser hurt?
Most patients describe the sensation as "prickly" sensation, or a light pinch. It is very tolerable, however.

What will I look like after the laser treatment?
Usually only some general redness remains after a treatment. However, sometimes there is a little puffiness or slight swelling for a day or two. The small vessels usually completely disappear at the time of treatment, but occasionally a vessel will darken rather than disappear and is then re-absorbed by your body with a week or so. Makeup can be worn immediately, if desired, and most patients do not find it necessary to change their normal daily routine or work schedule at all.