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Facials & Peels

Our skin care treatments utilize carefully selected products that are formulated with quality ingredients and less preservatives and chemicals. Your skin receptors will generously take them in (rather than reject or react to them), and you will experience cellular renewal and noticeable results. Med Spa of Virginia Total Wellness Center can help you achieve your skin care goal, while you relax and experience outstanding services in a luxurious spa atmosphere.


We offer the following treatments:

Facial Treatments

30 Minute Spa Facial*
60 Minute Spa Facial*
Back Facial*
*All Facials are based on your skin needs from anti-aging, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, to sensitive skin issues or, if you are just in need of a relaxing beneficial Spa Facial.

Chemically Correct Peels

Benefit Anti-oxidant & hydrator for even the most sensitive skin. L-retinol A, vitamin C and salicylic acid
Purity Salicylic therapy for acneic skin. Effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory exfoliator
Bright AHA peel derived from pomegranates. Illuminates dull, uneven skin tones
Glow Glycolic and citric acid peel for intensive skin resurfacing

Higher Level Peels

Detox A blueberry Jessner's peel. Deeply exfoliate & intensely refine the skin's surface
Timeless 30% L-Retinol A. Dramatically reduce the signs of aging.
Deep Sea Mild resurfacing and collagen building to correct acne scars and sun damage

We now offer a multitude of deep level peels which can specifically address your skin needs.